Role of Mentorship

What really comes in to your mind when the word mentor ship came? What do you think this word comprise of? let me broaden your concept. Its a continuous process of guiding and providing the sufficient knowledge to a person which need your expert intelligence at certain domain. Regardless of the age and command on a upgrading innovations and technology, the mentor can be older or younger than the one which needs to be guided. The relationship between the mentor and one being mentored need to be like friendly and comfortable. There should be no master or slave relationship.

Referring towards my experience regarding mentorship is not like as much as I expect to be. Unfortunately most of the mentor thinks that they don’t have the leisure time to get in to the mentorship. They assume that they can only help others or guide them when they are free from all there routine tasks but let me clear, this is not the matter of fact. I personally thinks that if you have domain in some discipline and confident enough to convey it to other rightly than you definitely need no leisure time for this. For instance if the person which need to be mentor come to you and seeks your help and you are busy somewhere else in your own work than what ideally you should do?

Leave your work aside and take out five minute or less to that person and guide him/her the best you can. Being a Muslim its our faith that helping others especially in knowledge is the best SADAQA you ever give because its last forever and ever.

People at different age group, ethnicity and norms can be sometime mentor or at the same time being mentored. This is a continuous process which is inter convertible.

Always try to spread what ever you have. If you are excel in some specific field go ahead and be a mentor and try the best possible ways to help others. Honestly this is the best feelings you will get after helping someone.


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